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I am a twenty-something second year teacher living in the midwest. I am a Christian woman and proud of it! I am the middle child of three girls. I am the proud aunt of the very beautiful Lil E and Lil C!! I love TV, movies, reading, and baseball. I am in my second year of teaching , but my first year teaching kindergarten. It has been quite the journey!

31 December 2010

Highlights of 2010

The highlights of my wonderfully blessed year!

Teacher Assisting Winter Semester

Attending President's Ball 2010

Naked Pilates aka Naked Plates pottery painting with my fab small group girls

Opening Day Trip with Momma and Daddy to KC

Fab roomie nights with these lovely girls

Big Sis's Baby Shower

Lots of Tigers baseball, including my bf Porch

Rockin' BSB Concert with Lil Sis

Celebrated my 22nd b-day

Two of my college roomies got engaged (and one got married!!)

Lil E is born!!

Went back to my job at the daycare with some amazing kids!

Student teaching

Went on my first date :)

Momma finished my Belle Halloween costume

Met Lil R, my bff from elementary school's baby daughter.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with Momma's family and Lil E

Got a long term subbing job in first grade.


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