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15 March 2010

Eight Hours of the Cutting Edge

(p.s [that's pre-script] none of these pictures are mine... credit to those to whom credit is due...)

So I was supposed to babysit on Sunday, so like a good kid I got all of my homework done during the day on Saturday. Then Saturday evening, the parents called to let me know the lil cutie was sick and they wouldn't need me Sunday. But I had no homework, so it was a day completely off, which was fabulous!!

How did I spend my free day you ask? Watching "The Cutting Edge" marathon on ABC Family? Yes, I'm that awesome. I had seen the first one before, but not the second or third and the fourth one premiered last night! Exciting stuff.
The Cutting Edge- the original. basic synopsis- male hockey player gets injured, switches to pairs figure skating with "difficult" female partner. She gets engaged to someone else, he miraculously becomes a fabulous figure skater overnight. The sexual tension builds, they compete at "nationals" and don't do well at first but manage to make the team for the Olympics. They get mad at each other, someone "sleeps with" someone inappropriate, the big competition comes, he confesses his love to her right before they go on the ice. They skate fabulously and live happily ever after.

The Cutting Edge 2-Going for the Gold- starring Christy Carlson Romano of Disney Channel fame. Male inline skater meets female pairs skater, decides to switch to skating after flirting with her. He stinks, he gets awesome, one of them gets engaged as the sexual tension builds (ps she's the daughter of the original cutting edge pair). They don't do well Nationals, but manage to make the Olympic team. They have a big fight over said engagement, the big competition rolls around, someone thinks soemone else slept with someone, before the final performance he declares his undying love for her, they skate beautifully, she returns his pledge of love... end of movie.

The Cutting Edge 3- Chasing the Dream. They decide to mix it up a little and have the female hockey player team up with a male pairs skater. She stinks, she gets better, he is engaged to some skanky blonde chick. The sexual tension builds. They stink at nationals but manage to make the world team because some guy fails his drug test. He sees his old girlfriend kissing his old coach and messes up, they get mad at each other. Worlds roll around, someone probably thinks someone slept with someone, but right before they go out on the ice he says he loves her, they skate great and all is well in the world.

Sorry couldn't find a picture for - The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice- starring Adrian from Secret Life and Booth's bro Jared from Bones. Male speed skater (who has bobbleheads of himself) pairs up with female pairs star (from previous film) when he is banned from ss. He stinks, he gets better. There is a spark between them and they try to date, but he falls back into his promiscuousness. She gets mad. They somehow make it through Nationals and since someone gets hurt they make it to Worlds. She is mad becuase he is switching back to ss and he almost misses Worlds. Right before they go on the ice he tells her that he loves her, they skate, they win, they live happily ever after...

I have to say the last one was my favorite. First because it broke the mold a bit and had them at least try dating before he just declared his love before the biggest competition of their lives. Plus I found it to be the funniest- here are some of my favorite lines:
Male Speed Skater: What? A guy can't appreciate his lady friends jammies?"

MSS- "You should see my bobblehead, he's a cute little bugger."

Female skater- "I don't want to see you or your bobbleheads ever again."

FS-"That guy probably makes out with his bobbleheads."

MSS- "Your hotness in no way clouded my judgement."

Hilarious. Also and probably most importantly it had the hottest guy. I will show you and let you be the judge...




I'd have to say from hottest to nottest- 4, 2, 3, 1. How 'bout you?

Check out InsideTV's take on the cutting edge marathon... http://insidemovies.moviefone.com/2010/03/15/the-cutting-edge-marathon-going-for-the-whole-eight-hours/

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