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12 March 2010

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Today I went to a Women's Expo with one of my besties. It was pretty fun and we got loads of free stuff. Plus we got massages and this hand treatment. Good times. Here's some of the awesomespice swag we scored...

Because you can always use more reusable shopping bags. Also I love "spoonculas!"

This guy did a spinal scan on my neck and I passed! And then received this fab DVD which I will be sure to watch everyday...

A small piece of Shammy, not to be confused with a shamwow. The live demo was pretty amazing, but we didn't shell out two payments of $9.99 for four shams, but if you call within the next ten minutes we'll double the order!

Chocolate!! We also got lots of free samples of energy drinks, veggie chips, bread, etc. Yum!

Free stuff from Meijer- because you can't leave a Women's Expo without some feminine hygiene products.

Nail files!

A random assortment of keychains, flower seeds, coupons and pens.

My second favorite thing I got- chapstick with a bank ad on it! A girl can never have too much chapstick. (p.s. just tried the chapstick- it sucks, all oily and smells kind of funky...)

Now the lead in to my favorite find...

This is the look on my face when I spun a Wheel of Fortune at a tanning booth and won a free t-shirt :)

Me upon seeing said t-shirt...

Yup, there it is, in all it's glory, there are really no other words.

A close-up in case you couldn't tell it is a man's bare chest with a gauge reading Vitamin D Levels... hot

Since I obvi can't get enough of this shirt.

Good times were had by all. Then we went and saw Percy Jackson...

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