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21 March 2010

Percy Jackson- The Books

I just finished the first Percy Jackson book after seeing the movie last week. Whoa they are pretty different. There is one major character who creates the real problems isn't even in the movie...

I liked picturing Poseidon as Kevin McKidd even though the book said he had red hair. He looked much hotter in my mind. Ain't no thing.

I think my favorite thing about the book was its humor, specifically the chapter titles. They are all kind of weird and don't make much sense until you read the chapter.

Here are some of my favorites:
-Three Old Ladies Knit The Socks of Death
-I Play Pinochle With a Horse
-I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom
-I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus
-A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
-We Take A Zebra to Vegas
-I Battle My Jerk Relative

And my absolute favorite-
Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants

I would usually not pay attention to the chapter title until I got to the end of it and then I would go back and read the title and see how it related to what happened. Good times! Now on to book two.

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