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10 March 2010

TV basically rules my life ;)

So I watch a lot of TV, a lot a lot. But I love it :) When the Olympics were on I didn't watch any other TV except for Lost and I got very behind on my essential shows. I have caught up just tonight :) Although I'm thinking of starting to watch a new show, so I'll have to catch up on that.

I thought I would share the awesomeness that is my TV viewing schedule, in case you are missing out on any of these fabulous shows.

8- Extreme Home Makeover- ABC- not a must see, but if I'm around I'll watch it. It usually makes me cry, which is always nice. This is a good show to watch while doing something else, like blogging or reading, as you don't have to pay careful attention.
9- Desperate Housewives- ABC- again, not a must-see, but if I'm around I'll watch. This is one show I did not bother to catch up on when I missed it during the Olympics. It is a show you can catch up with pretty well based on the "Previously on Desperate Housewives.
10- Brothers and Sisters- ABC- funny, touching, romantic, and just downright fun. This show follows the lives of a large California family of grown children and their exploits- political, romantic, familial, work-related, etc. Bonus- Gilles Marini of Dancing with the Stars fame as been guest-starring as a French love interest <3

8- Dancing with the Stars- ABC- love this show! So much fun. I love watching the ballroom dancing, it is so beautiful! I have gotten to the point where I can identify dances and like to think that I could do them :) It is always fun to root for the cute guys with accents (ie Helio, Gilles, etc.) or the cute rodeo stars (ie Ty Murray) or the cute former pop stars (ie Drew Lachey) or the fabulous ladies that also rock the dance floor (Joanna Krupa, Brooke Burke, Kristi Yamaguchi). For the first seven seasons I correctly rooted for the winner from the beginning...

9- LOST- ABC- basically the best show on television. If you are not watching LOST, it stinks to be you because you could never catch up, sorry. But it is mind-bending and mind-blowing, but at it's root it is about the characters and their lives and their relationships. Plus it makes me super tense, which results in a lot of squeezing of my stuffed monkey Cody. Plus Desmond Hume is hot stuff and Charlie is fabulous and Michael Emerson's acting is so incredible that you go from hating his guts to feeling sorry for him...
10- White Collar- USA- White Collar just had it's season finale, which will be nice given that I watch another show in the same time slot :) It's a fun detective type show, with a convicted white collar criminal (the very attractive Matthew Bomer) who helps the FBI solve crimes. Ended with a very explosive cliff-hanger.
10- The Good Wife- CBS- As a big fan of E.R., of course I had to check out the Good Wife starring E.R.'s Juliana Marguiles. She is fabulous. The show is about Marguiles solving cases as a lawyer as well as about her home life with her husband (a politician amidst scandal) and her two children... good stuff.
10- Parenthood- NBC- I haven't started watching this yet, but here it is good and I love Lauren Graham!! Now that White Collar's over I may have to check it out.

Nothing, I usually just watch the White Collar from the night before.

8-Bones-Fox- I love Bones! Bones and Booth are fantabulous together. Also I love Sweets... and Hodgens and Angela... and the rotating interns... I am sad it has not been new lately.
9- Grey's Anatomy- ABC- Love, love love Patrick Dempsey. Love love love the guy who plays Owen Hunt (also in Made of Honor) who in real life has a marvelous Scottish accent!! Not as good as it was at it's start, but still must-see for me.
9- The Office- NBC- So hilarious!! Jim is amazing, Michael is crazy, Dwight and Andy crack me up continually. Kind of a weird brand of humor, but great!!

Obviously there's some overlap and when Glee (ahmazing!!!) starts back up in April that will be one more timeslot to double up (it will air against Lost!!) and once baseball season starts up again, there will be games to fit in as well!! yikes.

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