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17 March 2010

Luck of the Irish

This St. Patrick's Day was fun for me becuase last May I visited Ireland. Ain't no thing. Except it is, because it was awesome and I dream about going back almost every single day of my life :) It was gorgeous and beautiful and amazing and I definitely recommend spending some of your life relaxing in the peacefulness that is the Irish countryside.

This morning my fabulous CT let me present some of my experiences in Ireland to my students, which was so much fun. So many of them have never left the country and know so little about other countries (ie Do they speak English in Ireland? Can you use dollars?) It was great to get to share my experiences with them especially about something I am so passionate about! We also were able to work in a go to college message, by telling them you can study all over the world if you go to college :)

I figured I would share some of the pictures I shared with my students, with you!!
This is a lake in Wicklow county (the county we took our day tour in) that we "hiked" out to.

Part of our merry band of travelers eating lunch at an authentic Irish pub.

Beautiful!!! It was so green it hurt :)

This walk through the forest seriously made me think we were in Narnia :)

The second scenic stop on our tour, gorgeous!! We may or may not have received a sampling of a traditional Irish adult beverage as we re-boarded the bus...

Some deer we spotted by the side of the road, we also saw lots of sheep. A student in my class said there are more sheep in Ireland than people, who knew?

Me by the Uppper Lake

A church we visited nestled next to a beautiful cemetary, which was built in 600!!

Some of the lovely ladies I traveled with next to the Irish Sea.

The beautiful cemetary we visited. There wer Celtic Cross tombstones taller than us!

I hope you enjoyed a short tour of Ireland!

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