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07 February 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Love, love, love Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Just watched Inception and was reminded of this fact.

Remember way back in the day when he was the star of Angels in the Outfield?

Yeah he was way cute, plus I love this movie! It's about baseball, so of course I love it. And in the end, when the coach ends up adopting him. The best.

Also the best? J.P.
"Hey it could happen." But that's getting off topic...

Next we saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt he was starring in the fantabulous (500) Days of Summer. I am in love with this movie and with his character in this movie.

I love his smile and his dimples. So cute!

When Lil Sis and I first watched this movie, we both fell in love with it. We absolutely adore this scene.

The first time we watched it, in the middle Lil Sis calls out, "They're all wearing blue!" :)

My favorite parts of this scene
1) when he randomly throws his bag to stranger.
2) When he grabs a baseball bat, in my mind it's an homage to Angels in the Outfield
3) The animated bird. It made me smile re-watching it right now, even though my sound was turned off...

I love the style of the movie, the randomness of it, the odd little bits, like the random dance number, love documentary, the narrator with the great voice breaking in now and then and the movie Tom goes to see. Some of my friends don't like it because they thought these parts were weird, but I love it for them. I love how it's not told in order, but they keep us in the loop by telling us what Day of Summer it is. It makes it not hard to follow. Also I love that they play duck, duck, goose with the kids at the wedding.

I love that the movie doesn't have a typical "happy ending" with the guy and the girl ending up together. I love that the new girl he meets is named Autumn. :) Basically one of my favorite movies! I need to watch it again soon...

He was great in Inception, too. Love his style and his suits. I read somewhere that he went to do his audition in a nice suit, just to have a good impression, but it ended up fitting his character perfectly :)

He's a pretty snazzy dresser in real life, too.

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