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05 February 2011

Best Picture of the Year?

I have currently seen 6 of the 10 movies nominated for Oscars for Best Picture, which is pretty awesome. I'm still hoping to see True Grit at some point, if anyone will see it with me... :) But for now six will have to do.

Here is how I rank the six that I've seen.

1)The King's Speech

Hands down, the best movie I've seen this year. The acting is impeccable, the story is hearwarming, an odd sort of underdog story. Fantastic film. If it doesn't win the Oscar I might throw something at the TV... unless of course my #2 wins :)

2)Toy Story 3

Such a great movie, that won't win because it's animated, but seriously a touching movie. Disney/Pixar does such an excellent job of making movies that appeal to both children and adults. Probably the best threequel in existence. There were so many moments where my eyes filled with tears and then the next moment I'd be laughing. Years ago, who knew we'd feel so much love for a ragamuffin bunch of toys? (p.s. I saw the original story as a third grader with my Aunt. :)

Check out this link from Busy Bee Lauren's tumblr. It's the truth.

3) The Fighter
Another excellent film, with excellent acting and an excellent story, based on a true story. The excellent Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Marky Mark.

4)The Social Network
A good movie. Very interesting, great acting, cute guys.
Andrew Garfield is such a cutie.

Just watched this last night with the fam. Momma fell asleep after about five minutes. It is a very intellectual, thought-provoking movie. I followed it, but I'm sure that I only grasped about half of the movie. I like that it has an open-ended ending and it had some lovely actors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Leonardo DiCaprio. Ellen Page.

6)The Kids Are All Right
Would not recommend this movie. The acting was excellent, the story intriguing, but it is one of those movies that would be much better were it rated PG-13. It's R rating caused some very awkward moments when Lil Sis and I watched this with Momma and Daddy. Love Mark Ruffalo, loved the actors who played the kids (the son was played by the kid who played Jess in Bridge to Terabithia...) but I could definitely do without all of the explicit scenes...

What's the best movie you've seen this year?

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