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08 February 2011

Tuesdays at 10

Tuesdays at 10 get a little crazy at the Bean house. There are four shows that we want to watch and our DVR can only record one, while we watch another. This presents quite a conundrum.

Up until a few weeks ago our plan went like this:

Momma and Jillibean watch

On our main TV, while we record

And Daddy watches

This was working fine, until the return of White Collar in January.
Now there was no way that Jillibean could watch the three shows she wanted to (Parenthood, The Good Wife and White Collar). So we had to switch it up a little.

Now Momma and I still watch Parenthood, but we don't record anything. Daddy still watched Detroit 1*8*7 upstairs.

Then Wednesday night while Momma and Daddy watch American Idol, I watch The Good Wife and White Collar online in the basement. Not a great system, but it works :)

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