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03 February 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011 Part 2

My eyes opened Wednesday morning, I rolled over and the clock said 9:00. I smiled, it was so nice not to have an alarm wake me up. I peeked out the window to see how much we'd gotten, but it was hard to tell when everything was white!

Turns out we'd only gotten about 6-8" at that point, but snow was still swirling and whirling from the sky.

I checked out facebook and all my blogs and ate breakfast while watching the news with Momma and Daddy.

Then I decided that since I had lots of extra time to relax, I should get in a work out. So I did one of my Dancing with the Stars workouts and chatted with Momma while she sewed in the basement. She did some quilt sewing and made two cute wallet/credit card holders, which are perfect for carrying in small purses, when you don't need your whole wallet.

I put comfy sweats back on :) I watched The Good Wife online, while knitting. I love the Good Wife!!! Such a good show, with great acting, complex plots, intriguing legal cases, interesting characters, so good!

After that I was going to watch White Collar, but it wasn't posted yet. So I called my dear friend Laura H. We haven't talked in awhile, and since we both had snow days it seemed like a good day to catch up. We had a lovely chat :)

Then I worked on online job applications for about an hour, but I figured that I should get some work done. This is around the time that Momma found out she didn't have school again on Thursday... and I was very jealous.

After dinner I re-planned my week based on our snow day, read some of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and made crafts for my class's marketplace next week, (I'll show them to you later :) while watching American Idol, and some shows my dad likes.

Then Momma saw online that our school is cancelled again tomorrow!!!!! I haven't got the call yet, but we've found it online two different places... so the Snowpocalypse will live to blog another day :)

Thanks for Daddy for snow-blowing once and shoveling another time!!!! We love and appreciate your hard work!!

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