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13 February 2011

Just like Romeo and Juliet

Lil Sis and I have been pretty excited to see Gnomeo and Juliet ever since we first knew it was coming out!! (Actually, before we knew that it was coming out, Momma was telling us about this movie about warring factions of garden gnomes, but she thought she was just making it up, I think maybe she read about it and forgot...) We have a strange affinity for garden gnomes, I think it stems from the dad on Lizzie Maguire's love of garden gnomes...

Anyway, we've been very excited. When we went to see the Fighter, we discussed how we wouldn't get to see any fun previews, like for Gnomeo and Juliet. Well, guess what preview we saw, Gnomeo and Juliet, we were so excited!!

Since Lil Sis is away at school, we decided that we would see it separately first and then go see it together when she's home some time. So I went to see if Friday with my friend Jessie.

Here's my spoilery review...

I found the movie pretty funny. I had read a review that said it lacked that humor Disney/Pixar movies always have which appeals to adults, but goes over kids' heads. I thought it had some of that humor, but that it was usually thinly veiled innuendos, which I didn't find appropriate for a children's movie, even if they aren't going to get them. (ex. Gnome's hat height representing their honor/manliness, and one character asks about Gnomeo's hat, Juliet says it's very tall and pointy...) The adults in my theater found it very funny.

I realize that this is a children's movie and should have a happy ending, but I was slightly disappointed in the un-tragic ending. I mean you can't change the end of Romeo and Juliet...

But I did find the movie highly entertaining. Garden Gnomes are fabulous and awesome. I loved their lawn mower races and the 2B and Not 2B house numbers. I loved all of the places Shakespeare references came up. I loved Juliet's "Nanny" the frog. Those little bunnies were adorablespice.

The Elton John music was perfect for the movie, I loved the little Elton John gnome :) But I kept waiting for the character of Benny to break out in Bennie and the Jets and he never did. I mean why name a character Benny if he's not going to sing that... But otherwise loved the music :) Good times.

Also I love that Juliet had green eyes. I love girls with green eyes, like me. One of the reasons I loved Tangled so much :)

Overall I would definitely recommend going to see the movie!!

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