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27 February 2011

Oscars Red Carpet 2011

My Red Carpet Tweets- And they're actually in order, unlike last year...

Thoughts so far- loved Mandy Moore, Mila Kunis and that sweetie from True Grit.

Jennifer Hudson looks so good. Such a fun color.

I loved Amy Adams dress too. So classy and beautiful!!

Scarlet Johansson's dress- Absolutely gorgeous. Love the color and the beautiful lace. But is it transparent?? yikes.

So excited for Beastly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of love Melissa Leo's dress.

Justin Timberlake brought his Mom. Adorablespice.

Helena Bonham Carter looks better than at the Golden Globes but not as nice as at the SAGs...

I love Hillary Swank, she seems so intelligent and down-to-earth.

:) Hugh Jackman.

Reese Witherspoon looks beautiful. Love her hair. Her dress looks very similar to a dress I wore to Snowcoming. :D

Nicole Kidman- yikes!

They're showing Mila Kunis again, so so gorgeous. Beautiful color, beautiful dress.

Christian Bale is the best, Newsies, Little Women, The Fighter.

Sandra Bullock is the best!

Celine Dion looks fantastic and she had twins just a few months ago...

Robert Downey Jr. is so nice to look at.

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law presenting together, so much attractiveness on one stage.

Natalie Portman looks beautiful, but she seems a little sad, I keep thinking she's going to cry...

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