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26 February 2011

Oscar Preview

I love the Oscars. They are one of my favorite times of year. I love the fashion, I love the celebrities, I love the movies, I love the tradition.

As the Oscars are Sunday, I decided to publish my pics for all the major categories. I already put my two cents in on best picture

Best Picture- The King's Speech

Best Director- Tom Hopper- The King's Speech.
I don't really know how directing affects a movie, aka how you can tell that a movie had a good director, but the best movie I saw was the King's Speech, so I guess it had the best director...

Best Actress- Annette Benning- The Kid's Are All Right- Didn't care for the movie, but have to go with her because it was the only movie nominated that I saw...

Best Actor- Colin Firth- The King's Speech

Best Supporting Actress- Amy Adams- The Fighter- Love her and she was spectacular in this movie.

Best Supporting Actor- Christian Bale- The Fighter- Love him and he was fantastic in this movie.

Best Animated Movie- Toy Story 3- If this doesn't win I will seriously punch somebody.

Best Original Screenplay- Inception- I think the King's Speech is very well-written, but I have to give best writing to a movie that was actually an original story, I mean the King's Speech is based on real life... Inception was totally original.

Best Adapted Screenplay- Toy Story 3- I'm not really sure how this is adapted, but it is amazing.

Best Original Song- I See the Light- Tangled, loved Tangled and the music :) did I mention that it has the first green-eyed princess :D

Best Original Score- I'm going to go with Inception, but I don't really recall the scores of any of them...

Best Visual Effects- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

Best Costume Design- The King's Speech.

Enjoy the Oscars and may the stuff I want, I mean, the best films win!

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